pizza, which is just 2 minutes from you

Taste the pizza you have not eaten yet

At La Cantina pizza, everyone will find their pizza ... once you taste it, you will not want from other place 🙂

The pizzeria is only 200 m from the camp.

We will not let you die of hunger

The campsite includes an area dedicated to the preparation of meals, a barbecue and a pavilion with a pizza oven but it is necessary to arrange it individually in advance.
What about the restaurant facilities in the nearby, LaCantina pizzeria
offers the possibility to use the daily menu (during working days) or order pizza (Friday, Saturday).
In the case of a group trip it is possible to arrange the meals individually and off-the-clock (please call by phone in advance).

La Cantina

Orders on a number:

+421 (0) 949 334 080

Opening hours:

Friday and Saturday

16.00 – 22.00